Love it or List it

We are currently mired in our fifth renovation and although I am always pleased with my wife's vision, our substantial kitchen renovation has taken on a life of its own. I have always been a big proponent of kitchen makeovers because my sales experience has proven that the homeowner's investment in this upgrade is typically recaptured when the home is sold. Notwithstanding the potential dividend to be gleaned from living in a nightmare for seven months, I am still questioning what the true cost of this incredibly time consuming, ostensibly distracting and unbelievably expensive exercise will be. Although my wife likes to consider herself a "foodie" and is constantly checking out the latest restaurant opening or craft distillery, I was definitely remiss in factoring in what the additional costs of dining out two or three times a week would be and how often we would have to invite ourselves over to friends for dinner. Fortunately, we are blessed with incredibly generous friends who have unselfishly eased our suffering by offering a respite from drywall dust and blowing fans. Equally important is that almost everyone in our sphere are truly amazing cooks and love to entertain; metinks this is aptly called one of those "silver linings." 
With our daughter's imminent arrival home from her Euro 2018 adventure followed by a quick turnaround launch to the University of Victoria, there is a light at the end of our reno tunnel that will be further illuminated by her sorrily missed presence. As pseudo "empty-nesters", this latest renovation has differed from most of the others because we did not have the distraction of parenting to provide perspective on the real priorities in life. Becoming all too consumed with the project at hand and failing to focus on what is truly important in the grand scheme of our lives has definitely taken its collective toll. I am confident, however, that the end will justify the means and that our new kitchen will become an oasis again where friends can drop in without notice and eat, drink, laugh and share stories about their families and travels or perhaps a renovation horror story that will make ours pale by comparison. I have always loved a challenge.
If you are considering a renovation in the near future and would like a candid discussion about what to expect and what to budget for, I am always a phone call away.
P.S. Don't be shocked if I convince you to list.